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Cloud Consulting

For a successful transition to the cloud, it is not enough just to sign up for a cloud solution and issue usernames and passwords to users. If you want your business to fully experience the benefits of today’s cloud solutions, it requires a clear understanding as to the purpose of their implementation and a thoughtful approach to the realization of the project.

Therefore, our consulting services are aimed to:

  1. Determine where there is potential to increase the efficiency of your business processes, which can be realized with the help of those or other cloud services.
  2. Realize this potential with the help of a professional implementation of the appropriate cloud solutions.

We try to divide the solution to this problem into three stages:

Using surveys and interviews, we conduct research to meet our objective — to understand whether the implementation of various cloud solutions will help to achieve the determined goals of your company. In particular, we are working to:

  • Find out how at the present time your company is managing its information.
  • Understand what the structure is of any considered software applications, which business processes they serve, and what is the costs for these applications.
  • Determine whether there is currently a clear strategy for collaboration and teamwork of employees regarding information, and what tools are used for this purpose.
  • Understand the benefits of various considered cloud solutions found to be relevant for you, and disqualify those which are not.
  • Identify which business processes can be optimized to achieve the desired result.
  • Analyse the readiness of the organization (technically, economically, and «mentally») to transition to the cloud.

The result of this study is a document containing:

  • Structured data collected during the study.
  • Analysis of the relevance of implementing various cloud solutions.
  • Specific solutions offered to achieve these goals.

If our study identifies opportunities to achieve your goals, and you’re ready to take the required actions, we can develop a strategy for that.

The strategy is a coherent document that describes the various aspects of the implementation (among other things, technical), including:

  • Stages of the project, responsible persons, necessary input data.
  • Change management.
  • The migration of data from existing systems.
  • Training plan for the admins and users.
  • Metrics for evaluating the success of the implementation and achievement of business goals.

Successful realization of a coherent strategy for the implementation of cloud solutions depends on strict adherence to the developed plan and involves the necessary expertise of Swedbyte and the customer.

The project, as a rule, requires the specialists of the customer to be responsible for the internal aspects of the IT-infrastructure and business aspects, while having Swedbyte specialists on the projects allows you to count on:

  • The experience and the certificate proven competences.
  • Knowledge of relevant requirements and recommendations of the cloud solution’s vendors.
  • Strong partnerships with vendors, used to attract the necessary additional expertise or resources.

As practice shows, it is jointly planned and performed efforts that are aimed at the achievement of clear business objectives, that lead to the successful transition of the company into the cloud!

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