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Deployment and Migration

As a result of many years working on projects of migrating SMBs to Google Apps, we’ve gained an extensive experience in this sphere.

Our approach

Our approach to the deployment of Google Apps is based on Google’s methodology called DeLight (Deployment Light). This methodology suggests a simplified project structure and was specifically designed for the migration of companies with less than 750 users.

Going Google with Swedbyte will be beneficial for your company in many ways:

  • You will obtain a clear project plan, which you will be able to implement on your own.
  • You will be able to carefully strategize your timelines and required resources.
  • You will minimize potential risks of pitfalls or delays in the project.
  • Through Swedbyte you will be able to get support from Google specialists should the situation require such.

We would be happy to help you run the Google Apps migration project at a reasonable price, on a tight schedule, and with minimal involvement of your own resources.

Basic structure for Google Apps deployment project

Stage 1. Planning

Discussion and planning of the current and required setup, fixing timelines and milestones. Yes
Designing of the project plan for the migration, which can be later used by the customer themselves. Yes
Once the Planning stage is completed: A structured plan is fixed, describing all the necessary organizational and technical aspects required to move your business to Google Apps.

Stage 2. Deployment

Phase 1. Preparation of end users
The creation and distribution of materials regarding the upcoming move, as well as the required user instructions to begin working with Google Apps.
Phase 2. Initial Google Apps setup
Domain verification (through DNS or HTML-file), adding domain aliases, creating or importing users and their aliases, creating groups, configuring core Google Apps services, branding, and the configuration of required settings for data migration (API, OAuth, etc).
Phase 3. Syncing Google Apps with your LDAP server
Syncing users, groups, passwords, and contacts with your LDAP infrastructure (Active Directory or OpenLDAP).
Phase 4. Configuring parallel operations of your email server and Google Apps (dual delivery)
Setting up and testing dual delivery for the duration of the project.
Phase 5. Migrating data from your legacy system to Google Apps
Setting up migration tools, performing test migration, time-planning, migrating core data (mail, calendars, contacts), reporting of results and analysis. In the event server-side migration is not possible, client-side migration is organized.
Phase 6. Switching MX-records, final configurations
Configuring MX-records, SPF-records, setting up DKIM email authentication, and the configuration of Google Vault. Consultation regarding the sending of emails from your network devices and applications, as well as the configuration of email clients and mobile devices.
Once the Deployment stage is done: MX-records are directed to Google’s servers, all users are working using their Google Apps accounts which contain required legacy data like email and/or contacts.

Stage 3. Post-deployment consulting

With the help of interviews or a survey, we’ll learn your objectives and goals in order to suggest the best scenarios of how Google Apps can help your business in the most efficient way. Beyond that, we’ll provide you with a list of training materials that can serve you as an inspirational source of ideas for working with Google Apps. Yes


Structure and pricing of the project are discussed individually with each customer and may vary depending on:

  • the options that are required in the deployment (for example, AD synchronization);
  • if the project is delivered remotely or on-site;
  • your required timeline.
Structure option 1 — Consulting Structure option 2 — «Turn-key»
Description Swedbyte specialists complete Stage 1 (planning) and Stage 3 (post-deployment consulting). Stage 2 (deployment) is performed by the IT-specialists of the customer, according to the plan which is set in Stage 1. Swedbyte also provides a consultant who can be contacted during the deployment stage. Swedbyte is responsible for all three stages (Planning, Deployment, Post-deployment).

Having less than 10 users?

For companies with less than 10 users, we are pleased to offer a special Google Apps Deployment plan at a fixed price! Such projects are done remotely at a simplified rate, and may allow you to go Google within a day. 

Go Google today!

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