Webinar on GPT assistance in Freschat and Freshdesk

Webinar about ChatGPT

Recently Freshworks has announced new GPT-based enhancements to Freshworks’ natively built AI assistant, Freddy. It significantly changes the productivity and customer experience.  Freddy artificial intelligence model is on beta program now and covers several areas where it can already be used. The main question is: 

How will it transform the customer interaction? How can GPT help you automate repetitive tasks? What is already available on the beta program? 

To answer these questions, we decided to do a webinar together with a Freshworks representative. Check it out below, if:

  • You use Freshdesk and would like to know more about the AI to adopt them to the daily processes 
  • You use Freshchat and need help to deliver faster issue resolutions 
  • You use Freshdesk and want to understand how the customer experience will be transformed and what actions need to be taken

Lämna ditt meddelande här. Vi återkommer inom en arbetsdag.

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